Race Day 2021 – Sunday, November 14 @ 11:00 AM

Falmouth in the Fall will use the race chip timing system. This system allows for all runners to receive an accurate time based on their crossings of the official start and finish lines. Your individual clock starts as soon as you pass over the mats located at the starting line, and likewise ends as you cross the mats at the finish line.

Parking & Shuttle Bus Info:

Parking: Please avoid parking on private property. If you park close to a business that will be open, your car may be towed. Parking will be available at the various Falmouth public beach parking lots, the Falmouth Recreation Department, and all along Main Street.

NO Access to Woods Hole: Access to the start area in Woods Hole will be strictly controlled by Public Safety and there is NO PARKING available and NO BOAT DROP-OFFS per Public Safety Officials. Only official vehicles will be allowed to drive to Woods Hole. Do not try to drive to the Start; take the FREE buses provided by the race.

Buses: Unregistered runners will not be allowed on the buses. Buses will load at Falmouth Heights, near the finish line, and drop you off at the start of the race in Woods Hole.

Unregistered Runners cause many problems: they disrupt the start, infringe on the rights of official runners, utilize resources intended for official runners, and cause congestion at the finish. Please try to discourage anyone who plans to run unofficially. We hope you will discourage “bandits.”

Toilet Facilities: There will be numerous portable toilets where the buses are boarding and at the start and finish areas. Please be considerate of private property and use the portable toilets.

Water: Water will be available at the start, at the two course water stations located at Mile 3 and Mile 5, and at the finish.

Race Numbers: You must wear your number on the front of your shirt. Do not fold or bend your number, bending or folding your number will damage the embedded timing device, with the potential of not being recorded as having completed the race.

*PLEASE DO NOT SWITCH, GIVE AWAY, OR ALTER YOUR NUMBER: This creates problems in compiling the age-group results, especially if a male uses a female number or if a young runner uses a number assigned to an older runner.

* If you cover or alter your number, sell it or give it away, YOU WILL BE DISQUALIFIED AND UNABLE TO REGISTER FOR NEXT YEAR’S RACE.

The Start Line:

Line up according to pace: Which pace group you start in is up to you! We recommend you line up at your expected pace or slower, since the course is hilly.

Please Note: For safety and liability reasons, the use of headphones, including ear buds, is discouraged. Baby strollers, skates, dogs and bicycles are prohibited from the course during the race. If you’re running with friends, please don’t run more than two abreast and impede runners who may want to pass.

Important: If you cannot complete the race by 1:15 PM, you may find yourself finishing the race with traffic on the roads. Also, the finish area will be dismantled starting at 1:30 PM, therefore you may not be timed officially and will not appear in the official results. If you cannot finish the race within that time frame, you must assume responsibility for your own safety.

The Finish Line & Post Race:

Finish Procedure: There will be a clock at the finish that will display the time from the 11:00 AM start. After you cross the finish line, you will receive water and a bag with refreshments as you are directed to the Ballfield.

Race Results will be posted after the race on our website: www.FalmouthintheFall.com. There will be an awards ceremony for top finishers at approximately 12:00 PM.

Finish Festival: We hope you will stay and enjoy our race day finish festival. Details coming soon!

Visit our FAQs page or email info@falmouthinthefall.com for other race-related questions.

Have a great race!